Personalize your subscription!

NBM’s store allows users to choose personalized packages according to their needs on the current monthly period. They can decide to increment the capacities of their platform by selecting bandwidth packages, storage, and many other features. The store is only available for customers with a valid subscription and admin login credentials on their workspace..


Additional bandwidth packages to stream your events to social networks or via our CDN
(Content Distribution Network) with URLs you can embed at your web portal or apps..

Clip Packages

Generate clips from recorded and uploaded content. Sometimes the number of allowed
clips on a plan might not suffice your needs so you buy one of the incremental monthly

Smart Content Analysis Minutes

Additional minutes of Smart Content Analysis so you can analyze more content during your
billing cycle.


More storage capacity for your recorded content, uploaded videos, and clips.

Streaming Hours

Get more hours of live streaming so you can create additional events per month.