All you need to know about NBM Streaming.

What is NBM Platform?

New Basics Media Platform is a cloud-based solution used for processing video in high-quality and publishing it to web portals, mobile apps, and social networks. Besides, NBM’s
platform has some of the coolest features in the market when it comes to managing video assets. You can record events you have streamed, clip videos and generate highlights, manage your video library, generate rich data about your content using AI/ML, and much more.

Can NBM streaming be used on cell phones?

Yes! You can use NBM streaming on any of your mobile devices, either your phone, tablet or iPad. You just need to go to your browser, login and start streaming. There is no need to download an app.
We will always recommend using your laptop or desktop for a better experience.

What is Smart Content Analysis?

The NBM app relies on advanced Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning (AI/ML) capabilities to analyze the video and audio and extract relevant information about it. You can analyze any video that you either upload to your domain or record in your NBM studio.

The Smart Content Analysis will provide information that you can check on our own dashboard as Celebrities, Entities, Brands and Key Phrases, that you have used or named in your video. Those keywords will be available in a JSON file you can download and use to extract the information you need or import it to your CMS.

Can NBM embed a video into my own website?

Embedding a video is where you add the video directly to your website, versus sending visitors to a different page to view it, like YouTube.

To embed a video into your website from NBM you only need to copy and paste your embed code into your website builder.

Go to your video assets tab where you will find all your video content, click on your video and it will show the copy symbol () this will be your embed code.

Can I use NBM for recording only?

You can use our NBM platform to record your videos, our studio allows you to create high-quality recordings of you and your guests, regardless of how strong the internet connection is.