Instant and Personalized High-Quality Video

Using our simple event management tool, create live events in minutes. You can also create multiple events by importing a schedule file.

Easily record your streamed content and deliver it as video on demand.

Clip your live and video on-demand content to quickly generate notes and highlights and publish immediately.

Generate Automated Subtitles for your uploaded or recorded content using AI/ML technology.

Single location to manage all your content for publishing it to different destinations.

Store your videos at NBM. No more losing access to your content if you have issues accessing Social Network Accounts.

Analyze recorded content, uploaded videos, and clips with AI/ML technology. Use smart metadata on your web portal, apps, and Social Networks!

Upload your video library and rely on NBM clipping and publishing tools to share with the world!

Understand how your content is being watched. Use data to make it even better and more relevant to your viewers!