@ NBM Platform you can schedule live events or start them right away. To create an event using as a source your live video, click on the “+” button at the lower right of your screen. You will be prompted to enter in the information for your scheduled event.

Choose the time-zone that you are in, for the time you wish to schedule the event. Choose a Start date and start time, and an end date and time for your streaming event.

Important: You must schedule this to be at some point in the future; you cannot schedule an event in the past.
Your video will stream the number of minutes before this time that you have specified in the “Margin Configuration” under “Settings.” To modify your Margin Configuration you must have administrative access. It is important that you have your event running and streaming during this period prior to your event beginning. Some social networks require a specific margin time to be set for any live events.

If you select a time that is too close to the start time you will receive a message saying:

Finally, you can identify whether this event is a “match” (as in, a sporting event), and then select the resolution at which you intend to stream.
Enter a title, and then click “Add”.
As in Channel Creation, the event creation also requires the selection of a video input protocol. On the “Input Tab” you will need to choose the input type that corresponds with the type that your video capture device uses.

Once the event is created, you will see it on the events list with the information provided:

The event can be edited as far it is in Waiting mode which means it is still waiting for scheduled time. For editing the event, you only need to double click on it.

During the event/transmission, you will be able to see the URL for the event which can be embed into your website or application:

After your stream has completed, it will transition to the “RECORDED” status, and then will be harvested, and stored under your recorded content.

The event will be deleted as soon as it finishes respecting the End Margin parameter configuration on Settings -> Margin Configuration. Once that margin time elapses, you will see the event being deleted:

If the event is deleted before it’s completed, there will be no recorded content at the Video Assets Category.

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